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The Hustler

The Hustler is a game show where contestants and viewers must turn detective… and everyone is under suspicion.

In a high stakes game of deception and betrayal, five contestants collaborate to answer questions correctly, in order to build the collective prize pot. But there’s a twist – one of the contestants already knows all the answers! They are the Hustler, and if they can keep their identity a secret, they win the huge cash prize. But if the remaining contestants work out who the Hustler is then they walk away with the jackpot instead.

Each trivia question has a connection to the Hustler’s real life, revealing more clues as to their identity. The Hustler’s job is to steer everyone to the right answers to win money, whilst remaining undetected. The other contestants need to unmask the Hustler but be on their guard too – as the Hustler anonymously eliminates two of them ahead of the final showdown. In this ultimate guessing game, who will walk away with the money?