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Tattoo Artist of the Year

The hunt is on to find the next generation of superstar tattooists, as some of the country’s freshest and most talented professional tattoo artists battle it out to be crowned ‘Tattoo Artist of the Year’.

This knockout format sees ten artists taking on different challenges to stay in the competition. Each episode they face a theme-based test – such as designing a memorial tattoo or a back piece – before having to wow the judges in a style challenge, when they must ink in a particular style, such as Japanese, Realism or Watercolour. Judging the contestants’ artistry and originality are two A-list tattoo artists, highly regarded for their experience and creativity, and a guest judge who shares their particular talent for the week’s style. Each episode climaxes with the tense elimination of the weakest contestant.

As they are pushed to their tattooing limits, which talented newcomer will ink their way to glory and the life-changing title?