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Diamond Divers

Diamond Divers exposes the high stakes, high reward lifestyle of offshore underwater diamond mining in South Africa. It’s a high octane, high drama docu-series which sees grizzled captains, adventure-seeking commercial divers and naive greenhorns work together as a team, risking life and limb for the chance to make a fortune.

An American crew, led by Captain John Aydelotte, teams up with South African mining company Panda Marine and attempt to strike it rich underwater. Leaving their land lives behind, this salty group of American ship captains, sea divers and seaworthy deck hands descended on St. Helena Bay on the West Coast of South Africa – a town that has been likened to Tombstone Arizona from the 1800s. This modern-day “gold rush” doesn’t come without great danger, as divers must comb the ocean floor for diamonds in the most shark-infested waters on the planet. After their booty is secured, the divers head into town to try to find the highest bidder for their spoils.