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Common Sense

Bursting with great characters, Common Sense is a highly entertaining comedy round up of the week’s most talked-about topics and events, brought to life by some of the most normal and funniest people around – the general British public.

Presented as a weekly fast turnaround comedy news show, Common Sense captures the UK’s hilarious and unfiltered take on the continually unfolding world we live in. Everything is up for discussion, from eye grabbing news headlines to the latest craze sweeping the nation and these opinions will be delivered while our cast is in conversation with one another in everyday situations – whether at work, on a tea break or relaxing in a bar. This is the show that challenges the very idea of what news is and makes us laugh out loud as it does it!

Amongst the cast are a couple of East End market traders, dinner ladies from Leeds, Mancunian male nail technicians, Brummie butchers, Scottish launderette owners, supermarket co-workers and three great grandmothers from Hull.