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Buy It Now

Real people with real products… but will anyone want to buy them? In this multi-reveal studio series, the product pitch turns into an entertainment performance. Entrepreneurs have just 90 seconds – the time psychologists say it takes someone to decide whether or not to part with their money – to convince 100 audience members to buy their product.

Items may range from the fabulous to the dubious – a foldable bike helmet, a finger-mounted cutting tool or a contraption to squeeze the very last bit of sauce out of the ketchup bottle. During each pitch, audience members who like the product indicate so with a green light. If there are no green lights on at the end of the 90 seconds, the iconic stage revolves to reveal the next contender. However, if at least one audience member has turned their green light on, the seller is able to reveal the price of the product.

If the pitcher sells at least one product to the focus group audience, they get the chance to supersize the order and sell to a panel of leading retailers who are looking for products to buy in bulk. Will these retailers place a truly life-changing order?